Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cycle Challenge Finale

The Final Day

Some very weary bodies arrived bright and early to finish off the challenge in the middle of Eastbourne's shopping centre. We set up five bikes, a display and a table with various activities for the public such as blood pressure, vertical jump, lung function and the thermal camera. Seven bikes continued running up in Eastbourne Sports Centre foyer.

Sadly the saddles hadn't got any more comfortable overnight and most the group had at least 3-4hours to complete before 5.30pm.

As if cycling and fundraising wasn’t enough the students set up physiological testing stations in the Arndale shopping centre and educated, tested and measured the public, young and old on exercise and health related parameters ranging from standard laboratory measures such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, lung function, and anaerobic power, to the less familiar cognitive function and thermoregulatory analyses utilising stroop tests and thermal cameras. The profile of Peru 2013 was certainly raised by this final day’s exhibition and the students were a credit to the University of Brighton and the BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science degree.

For all those Harry fans out there, yes he sweated and yes he was a broken man for a while. But like everyone else he got through it eventually.

At 5.30pm the total of hours accumulated was calculated and we had completed 83 hours on top of the previous 139 and 133 hours, totalling 10200km (265km further than required). That's roughly 1,450,400 pedal revolutions 201,600 kcal burned (equal to ~2,000 bananas, or for the less healthy ~400 Big Mac burgers!) A brilliant effort by all!

Celebrations were slightly muted as most were looking forward to sleeping or as much glucose as possible.

After completing the challenge, if you feel you like donate towards the rebuilding and renovation of the Peruvian school in Huarcapay, please visit JustGiving. If you have donated THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Please keep following our blog to see how we get on in Peru!

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