Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Para-monte: Altitude illness awareness charity

Some of you reading this may well have heard the tragic story of the Eastbourne resident Adam Savory dying of altitude illness in Cusco Peru in September 2012. This was recently reported in the Eastbourne Herald on 25th January 2013. News Article

Within the report you will find the family and friends are working hard to develop a charity, Para-monte, to raise awareness of altitude illnesses and the methods to recognise symptoms and what to do if they occur. This charity will offer such an important information source for people travelling to altitude.

All individuals doing the Peru project offer their deepest sympathies with the family and friends of Adam and will help in whatever way we can to spread the word of Para-monte and altitude illness awareness, to reduce the chance of others in the future suffering the same.

We also hope that the research being undertaken here will help towards the understanding of altitude illnesses and the sea level prediction of if.

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