Friday, 12 October 2012

Cycling Day 1

The Cycle Challenge: Day 1

The wheels of the 12 bikes started turning at 8am on Thursday and we were still going at 9pm.

Some were already looking a little worn after the first hour. It wasn't long until the feasibility of the task was being questioned with the standard answer being "It was a good idea at the time". The enthusiastic trepidation soon turned to a sea of thoroughly unhappy individuals, except the ever jovial Jacob Miles to enjoy the challenge, completing 7 hours of cycling. 

Some students spent much of the time ensuring their energy stores were appropriately managed.

Overall we accumulated 133 hours of cycling between us - 17 hours more than our target! Hopefully we will have recovered well enough for the same tomorrow....?

If you feel like we deserve some sponsorship please donate here or come down and see us. 
Remember the money raised will go towards renovating and rebuilding a Peruvian School in Huarcapay near Cusco.

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