Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Testing Preparation

With less than 8 weeks to go we are preparing all the kit and testing consumables for the sea level testing and the trip.

Everyone was eager to find out which groups and research projects they were helping with or participating in.

The research is composed of five projects:
- Investigating fat metabolism and weight loss at altitude
- Cross tolerance and HSP72 up-regulation
- Predicting altitude tolerance
- Body fluid compartment changes with acclimatisation
- Evaluation of volunteering and research based field trips in higher education

On Friday everyone was informed of the research projects and measures. Measures using rectal thermistors, daily urine outputs, venous bloods, high fat drinks, hypoxic tests and long periods of heat acclimation training were welcomed with varying degrees of interest.

Over the next weeks we will start posting more often regarding the lead up to the trip and the science going on. Make sure you follow the blog to keep up to date by selecting the
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