Friday, 8 March 2013

Testing Week One

Labs looking relatively clear before the enslaught

Week One - TICK

So at the end of week one of four, we have been successful in completing all 29 VO2max tests, 29 Heat Tolerance Tests, 174 normoxic and hypoxic walking tests and 29 hydration tests. Not bad at all.

Alice M, James and Ben D completing an outdoor walking test

Lee doing his hypoxic walking test


Of all the tests the 6min walking test has been the most surprising in that it is deceptively painful on the lower leg muscles, yet it also very repeatable. Time and statistical analysis will tell but the immediate response is that many people across hypoxia, normoxia and outdoor got very similar and representative distance and physiological results. 

Ben P completing his first heat tolerance test
Dominic looking he is enjoying the 40C

Tess completing her VO2max test using the Cortex Medical Metalyser


Oli has been busy conducting all 29 VO2max trials on the cycle ergometers and using the Cortex Medical Metalyser, which has worked really well and calibrated first time every time, especially considering the number of tests completed on the one machine in one week. 

Ben's study on fat metabolism at altitude, which starts in two weeks time, will be using the Cortex Medical Metamax 3X for  

Although it has been busy and a little hectic at times, I believe everyone has enjoyed it. From a staff perspective it seems like it has brought all the students and staff together in the realisation that we are all in this together. Of course this research is all in addition to normal workloads of both the staff and students so working round lectures and meetings has been interesting at times.

For updates on the testing and some excellent pictures of very sweaty individuals please follow our Twitter page @UOB_PERU2013

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