Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day Two - The Walking Tests

First on the agenda was completing another morning of hydration testing, taken place during our first morning of rain. 

Once hydration testing and breakfast was eaten we made our way to the local athletics track to complete our first day of six minute walking tests at altitude. The general consensus was that there was a clear difference between the walk tests completed today and those done in eastbourne. An unexpected experience was sharing the stadium with club cienciano, cuzcos local football team and local press.

Once the walking testing was complete and the data was gathered, we made our way to the school and begin a days work. Yesterday's projects were continued at the same intensity along with new ones. The coliseum has been completely transformed, weeds were removed followed by a new path being built. The medicine garden clearing was completed, and the entry road and path were levelled and improved. The access road work was influenced by a local farmers wife who gave some advice on trench digging.

Proceedings were interrupted by a huge storm that rolled down from the mountains, and littered us with hailstones and rain. Once lightning had ceased work could then proceed. The children's playground was also cleared, meaning the children can now play on equipment they could not before. A day of real hard work was put in by everyone and the school grounds look completely different after only two days.

Projects for tomorrow that have been started include a wall being built to support a path which will allow access to the chicken coup and the agricultural area, projects such as this will have a real long lasting effect on the functionality of the school. The coliseums path is also to be finished and the play area will be cleared further.

Lee, Alex and Dom.

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